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Take some time to look around, enjoy the visual art, get lost in the fiction and poetry, or discover the array of essays available.

First Flight

A landing pad for parents and teenagers. A space to connect with the foibles, challenges and beauty of being a teen.

Fiction’s Corner

Dive deeply into other worlds, experience twisted fairy tales and much more. Grab your favorite cuppa and settle in.

Poetic Verse

Because up isn’t always UP and things aren’t always what they seem. Poetic verse is the space beyond convention.

Wolf Pack

Our families are our packs. Whether it’s our romantic relationships, those with our kids or feeling like a lone wolf, this is the home of the family unit.

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The Power of the Circle

That was her moment. She was safe. She was with her people. Finally she could just be.


The Divine Spark of Rebellion

Through these various expressions of so-called rebellion, I saw myself continually reined in and threatened by authority, friends and theological doctrine.

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An Enlightened Detour

Life has a funny way of giving us detours when we least expect them. When my detour came, it was a bumpy road for a while. It was hard because many of my beliefs were being challenged.